Although our environmental impact is lower than many other types of business, it is significant and we are tackling it head on. Climate change and challenges to nature require urgent action and tackling them is integral to our strategy. Our people, clients, suppliers, outside agencies and other law firms are also part of our response.

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PLANET+ is our framework for tackling environmental impacts and energy demand, and reflects good practice within the internationally-recognised standards ISO14001 and ISO50001. Our targeted approach is guided by priorities detailed in our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy, the latest science and the urgency of the climate and ecological crisis.

Starting with PLANET+ Phase 1 in 2016, we laid the foundations for strategic energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) management and climate action. At the core of the PLANET+ commitment first launched in 2017 was an ambitious goal of zero carbon by 2030 with a primary focus on direct emissions. We've come a long way and our most recent Sustainability Report charts some past and recent success.

Our Phase 2 programme launched in 2022 is focusing on climate and nature and has features similar to the wider ESG Strategy, and some additional ones:

  • leading climate ambition and action within the legal sector and beyond;
  • growing our role in supporting nature and biodiversity;
  • strengthening expectations within the supply chain; and

With changes to our approach to GHG emissions, the PLANET+ commitment is getting a revamp to align with current thinking around science-based targets and will be relaunched during Phase 2. Objectives and projects are annually reviewed and refreshed with major ones detailed within in the latest annual report. Informed by current projects, our Carbon Reduction Plan also summarises our climate approach.

Beyond climate and nature

Whilst the spotlight remains on tackling climate change and supporting biodiversity, our commitments extend beyond, into waste and resource handling for example. Some environmental activity links closely with existing wellbeing, community and procurement programmes too. We share progress through reports and external audit.

PLANET+ Ambassadors

PLANET+ Ambassadors from legal and business services teams guide environmental action. They support our head of assurance, environment and ESG strategy, Fiona Nicholls, who jointly chairs the group with legal services partner for sustainability Ben Stansfield. Our General Counsel provides the link to the Executive Board and is accountable for environmental and internal ESG aims and progress.