Mid-Year Employment Update: How to implement a smooth TUPE outsourcing

Live webinar

24 June 2021
11:00 - 11:40 BST

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As we approach the summer, we will be taking our usual mid-year look at the latest developments in employment law and the world of work. Please join us for a series of live webinars in June and July, developed specifically for anyone dealing with HR and ER matters within their organisation, whether HR professionals, in-house lawyers or others.

This session will focus on the practical issues that come up in an outsourcing involving a TUPE transfer and how to make sure those issues are covered to protect the business and deliver the benefit of changing provider. From the customer side, this involves, for example, understanding the contract with the existing provider through to ensuring it can obtain employee information on exit. For the new provider, this involves planning for mobilisation on day one of taking over, including any changes it needs to make post-transfer.

All of the webinars will start at 11:00 and will last approximately 40 minutes, including time for questions.