Exploring Different Models For Technology Transfer and their Impact

Live webinar

22 June 2022
17:00 GST | 16:00 AST | 14:00 BST

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In recent years, the GCC countries have been focusing heavily on driving local R&D and innovation with the aim of creating a sustainable innovation ecosystem to support economic diversification.

Public organisations (universities, research centres) as well as private tech companies are crucial for driving R&D activities. But translating the outputs of those R&D activities into innovation has always been a challenge for organisations. If you are managing an R&D or innovation programme at your organisation, it is crucial that you consider instituting some basic technology transfer practices to create value from your research investments.

We invite you to join us for the second instalment of the 'Tech Transfer and Innovation in the GCC' webinar series. Our panel of eminent experts in the research and tech transfer space from Canada, Qatar and the UAE will share their experiences and different perspectives of models that have been successful as well as the challenges that arise from some tech transfer models. In this instalment our speakers consider:

How does the TTO support research, industry collaboration and commercialisation at the organisation?

Different organisations employ different models for technology transfer, but which model works best and for what reason?

How can an organisation increase the impact of their technology transfer activities and how is this measured?

Our webinars are developed as open discussions with the aim to share knowledge and demystify certain topics around IP, technology transfer, and innovation. We hope you will join the conversation on the 22 June at 5pm - 6pm (UAE local time), we welcome your thoughts, experience and views.

Guest speakers

Dr Marc Nantel, VP Research and External Relations, Niagara College Canada

John McEntire, Director of Industry Development and Knowledge Transfer, Qatar Foundation, Qatar

Dr Mohamed Al Hemairy, Head of TTO, University of Sharjah, UAE

Dr Sami Bashir, Director, Technology Management and Innovation, Khalifa University, UAE