Mid-Year Employment Series 2022: TUPE - How to make changes to employee's terms and working conditions


As we approach mid-2022, we're taking stock of the ever challenging issues organisations face together with future developments in employment law and the workplace. So far this year, we have seen efforts to reduce employee overheads making major headline news and the ESG agenda, which impacts every aspect of the workplace, becoming ever more critical. Our next series of live webinars are designed to help identify and mitigate risk, and to support successful outcomes from everyday matters to major strategic business critical plans.

Please join us for four live webinars in June, developed specifically for anyone dealing with HR and ER matters within their organisation, whether in-house lawyers, HR professionals or others.

All of the webinars will start at 11:00 and will last approximately 45 minutes, including time for questions.

Whether it is a business transfer or an outsourcing scenario, a transferee frequently needs to make changes to a transferring employee's terms or working conditions. The transferee may need to make changes for multiple reasons, including financial and practical grounds. However, this is one of the most difficult areas of TUPE, both in terms of potential liabilities and employee relations.

This webinar will help you to identify the issues and guide you through the options to mitigate risks. We will be discussing these issues to help you plan for a successful integration post transfer.

Event contact

Lucy Strong
Senior Events Executive
+44 (0)121 393 2144

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