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Aviation, Aerospace & Defence

In the aviation, aerospace and defence sector, you need to think both domestically and internationally. The challenges you face are numerous: day-to-day operations, customer and supply arrangements, security (including cyber security), acquisitions, securitisation, procurement, financing and complex litigation.

It's a big list – one that requires lawyers who understand your business and market, and who have the ability to advise around the world in this highly regulated industry.

Gowling WLG offers all of these things. We've worked with some of the world's best-known names in aviation, aerospace and defence on a broad range of legal issues. We finance, buy, sell, lease, secure and protect any aviation asset, including aircraft, engines, components and parts, data, airborne vehicles such as drones, airlines, airports, maintenance and repair organisations, air traffic control systems, aircraft manufacturers, ground support and servicing equipment.

Whether your products have civil or military application, our team - which includes professionals with senior-level government and military forces experience - can help support you across a range of legal needs, such as public and private procurement, regulations and customs policies to ethical obligations, environmental protection laws and the safety of your workers, data, products and facilities.

Our aim is to provide you with the start-to-finish sophisticated legal advice you need to achieve your commercial objectives. Multi-jurisdictional expertise, technical excellence and sector knowledge combine to deliver fast, cost-effective results. Because we're so well-resourced, we can scale our practice for small to large deals, at home or around the world.

We have first-hand knowledge of the entire sector through our extensive experience working for and with major industry participants. This has given us an in-depth understanding of the issues you face as a result of competition, diversification and cuts to defence spending. We handle disputes in more than 50 jurisdictions under a variety of courts and international arbitration rules, including LCIA, ICC and UNICITRAL.

We have the team you need for a complex and regulated world. Contact us to find out how we can help.

Key Contacts

Marie-France Béland
Marie-France Béland

Clark Sargent
Clark Sargent

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