Pensions in 30 podcasts

13 June 2017


Are you new to pensions? Do you deal with pensions occasionally as part of a broader role? Or would you simply like a refresher on some of the key topics that are relevant for anyone involved in pensions?

Pensions in 30 Podcasts is a series that provides an overview of the UK's pensions landscape in 30 episodes. Covering everything from automatic enrolment to zero hours, there is plenty to engage pension scheme trustees, HR professionals, employers and pension professionals. Each episode is accompanied by a fact card so you can listen or read whenever suits you.

  1. Introduction to workplace pension provision in the UK
  2. Contracting-out of the State Second Pension
  3. Workplace pension reform and automatic enrolment
  4. The Pensions Regulator - overview
  5. The Pensions Regulator - duty to report breaches of the law
  6. The Pensions Regulator - notifiable events
  7. The Pensions Regulator - powers to protect pension schemes
  8. Ongoing scheme funding - overview
  9. Ongoing scheme funding - contribution obligation when employer departs from scheme
  10. Ongoing scheme funding - contingent assets
  11. Ongoing scheme funding - internationally mobile workers
  12. Ongoing scheme funding - refunds of surplus to employer
  13. Managing pension scheme liabilities
  14. Underfunded schemes - insolvent employers
  15. The Pension Protection Fund
  16. Scheme modification - overview
  17. Changing pension arrangements - consultation with employees
  18. Changing pension arrangements - employer's duty of good faith
  19. Changing pension arrangements - extrinsic contracts
  20. Winding up occupational pension schemes
  21. Discrimination - overview
  22. Discrimination - age discrimination
  23. Discrimination - part time and fixed term workers
  24. Discrimination - sex and marital and civil partnership
  25. Family leave and impact on pension contributions and benefits
  26. Salary sacrifice and pensions
  27. Termination of employment - compensation for pension losses
  28. The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations and pensions
  29. Conflicts of interest and pension scheme trustees
  30. Pension schemes and tax for individuals

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