29 April 2021


A trademark is a business asset

A common misconception is that trademarks are only for large companies. For Canadian SMEs, trademark law is a critical component of any brand development endeavor. Embracing it can help your business secure a valuable business asset, but ignoring it can expose your business to risks of infringing other entities' existing trademark rights.

Step-by-step trademark guide

We've prepared this step-by-step trademark guide to help Canadian SMEs understand brand development and protection through the lens of trademark law.

This downloadable resource will:

  1. Explain what a trademark is and why it is valuable,
  2. Walk you through the steps for developing a strong trademark, including the due diligence you should conduct,
  3. Provide an overview of the trademark application process,
  4. Answer some common questions about trademarks and
  5. Give you the information you need so that your first meeting with your trademark professional can be efficient and productive.

Questions about the Trademark Toolkit? Contact a member of our Trademarks, Brands & Designs team

Download the Trademark Toolkit

What is a trademark? Where is my trademark valid? Should I obtain a registered trademark? 

We know that for many companies starting trademark application process can be intimidating. That's why we've designed this step-by-step guide on why, when and how to protect your brand.

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