The Internet of Things

02 December 2014

The Internet of Things is predicted to disrupt businesses and transform our lives. In November 2014 we assembled an expert panel to explain the opportunities and threats. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is predicted to generate $300 billion in revenue within the next six years. "Things" - such as consumer products, business equipment and infrastructure - made "smart" by adding sensors and connectivity will sense their environment and share information, adjusting to user needs and preferences and providing real-time data to service suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and government. This data can change the DNA of businesses, allowing product companies to become service companies and service companies to become more sophisticated and interconnected - the new battle lines are being drawn up.

The Tech titans are already making their plays: Google and Apple are vying to deck out the smart home; rival standards, the Allseen Alliance and Open Interconnect Consortium, are recruiting supporters from Microsoft, Qualcomm and LG (AA) and Intel, Dell and Samsung (OIC). China's massive e-commerce firms, Alibaba and, are racing to become the preferred connectivity platform for consumer electronics and home appliances.

In this podcast Matt Hervey, Tech team member and Intellectual Property lawyer, joins a panel of expert guests to discuss the opportunities and threats presented by IoT. During the podcast the following questions are considered:

  1. What is The Internet of Things? (03:30)
  2. What are the current IoT applications? (10:13)
  3. How will IoT disrupt traditional businesses? (21:08)
  4. What about security and privacy concerns? (31:24)
  5. How can "UX" help the general public understand IoT? (40:24)
  6. Is there a business case for The Internet of *Every*thing? (45:26)
  7. What IOT applications would panellists like to see? (51:24)
  8. Audience Questions. (55:23)



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