Big Data Podcast - Peter Waggett, Emerging Technology Programme Leader at IBM.

07 July 2015

In this podcast, Peter Waggett, Emerging Technology Programme Leader at IBM shares his experience of working with big data, highlighting some of the biggest challenges faced when collecting and storing big data. 

"Big data" might mean different things to different people but the one certainty is that it is changing our understanding of the world around us and consequently the decisions we make. Rather than sitting on lots of information generated from our increasingly digital lives, we are now arriving at knowledge through the analytical and processing computing power that has been developed.

Big data 'knowledge' has the potential to touch every area of our lives (and is already doing so). Imagine cities where traffic lights are automatically re-sequenced to compensate for accidents and peak periods, farms operated by a series of connected devices changing the way they operate based on readings to maximise food production, identifying world events before they happen and making health-related decisions based on all aspects of your activities from food, to exercise, family history and environment.

Innovation is never risk-free and big data raises some fundamental questions about privacy, rights to use data, discrimination and competition. In a landscape where knowledge is power and data is the currency, the societal and personal benefits that can be achieved through use of big data must be weighed carefully against potential impact where access to information produces negative results and invades privacy.

In this podcast Peter Waggett, Emerging Technology Programme Leader at IBM shares examples of two unique industries where the use of big data is transforming how people work, and the new challenges it has brought with it.


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