Respect at Work

25 November 2015


In this podcast: Respect at Work, Laura Clark and Vivienne Reeve, both Associates in the Employment & Equalities Team, discuss tackling discrimination in the workplace and harnessing all the talent of staff by working in an inclusive environment where they are able to give their best.

With an increasingly diverse society, employers need to be aware of how to deal with that diversity being reflected in their workforces. If handled well, this can bring great benefits in terms of avoiding group think, leading to greater creativity and new business opportunities. If handled badly, it can lead to demotivated staff, grievances and exits, leading to claims.

We will explore the issues which Respect at Work initiatives are trying to address and how employers can go about tackling them effectively.

Our experts answer these questions:

  • What is equal pay and the gender pay gap and what do they mean for the UK workforce?
  • How far can employers go to redress the balance by positive action?
  • What does respect at work mean?
  • How can employers improve their recruitment process to ensure that they have a diverse workforce?
  • What makes an employer stand out in promoting an inclusive workforce?


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