Smart futures

Urban and built environments are evolving. Though the purpose of cities, transport, construction and other essential man-made infrastructures is much the same, next generation urban settings are developing beyond the traditional liveable environment to be more connected, intelligent and data-driven towards a more enhanced future - a 'smarter' future.

How will technological change reshape key aspects of how we travel, how we work, and the very fabric of our cities however? What effects will these changes have on the private and public sectors, on government, or citizens? What will a Smart future look like and how will we get there?

Today's world is developing in a myriad of ways, infrastructure is upgrading, we're more and more connected globally and our world is increasingly being influenced by its' evolving environment. The smarter future is one tuned to the various elements that influence it, with data at its heart.

Through smart technologies we will help address the challenges of urbanisation, have the capacity to reduce travel times and offer innovative transport modes to improve overall mobility. Smart construction will change the way we live and work, smart healthcare will change approaches to illness and treatment. Ultimately, smart futures will address a multiplicity of challenges within society, the limits of which are not yet known.

In an age of uncertainty, we must however acknowledge that disruptive change brings with it many challenges but also that it affords great opportunity for the future of infrastructures.

With the focus on developing quality of life in all areas, economic growth on a global scale and sustainable, environmentally-focused cities, transport modes and methods of construction, it is essential we look to new data-informed infrastructures to support rapidly-rising urbanisation which are more resilient and which meet the needs of societies around the world.

Gowling WLG is committed to driving and developing a fully-connected, more informed future, interconnecting infrastructure with ecosystem, towards proactive and truly sustainable environments. In furthering the progress of evolving infrastructures, and fuelling wider debate, we can pave the way for a 'smarter' future towards a 'Smart Reality'.

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