The Language of Leadership Playbook

What can business leaders learn from sports coaches to create high-performing teams?

Our new playbook, 'The Language of Leadership: Six Lessons from the Changing Room to the Boardroom', analyses the language used by CEOs of FTSE 250 companies and elite sports coaches to examine the key characteristics that make a successful high-performing team.

We have partnered with sports psychologist Charlie Unwin, who has helped coach both top athletes and executives from major corporations, to provide you with a series of practical and tangible lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Strive for constant self-improvement
  • Lesson 2: View failure as a positive force
  • Lesson 3: Channel the power of confidence
  • Lesson 4: Create a culture of mutual respect
  • Lesson 5: Be tenacious
  • Lesson 6: Lead by example

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