Rethinking Sustainable Cities

Rethinking Sustainable Cities: how has COVID-19 shifted the thinking around urban environments?

How has COVID-19 changed the thinking around the sustainability of urban environments? And, what impact have lockdown and social distancing measures had in exposing limitations to our existing city design?

Our 'Rethinking Sustainable Cities' report addresses how the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a greater imperative to unify efforts and change our cities for the better, so they not only protect our planet but people, too. And, calls for equality and social inclusion to go hand in hand with climate protection and economic growth, to ensure the long-term success of sustainable cities and a green recovery post-pandemic.

Produced in collaboration with Jacobs, London Transport Museum, Thales UK, and PTV Group, the report draws on roundtable discussions with transport, legal and finance industry leaders, policy makers and academics as part of Interchange, London Transport Museum's thought leadership programme.

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