Gowling WLG launches streamlined private placements platform

07 July 2017

Gowling WLG is excited to introduce Smart Raise™, our software platform designed to quickly, cost-effectively and automatically generate all the legal documents associated with private placements - while meeting compliance requirements across Canada.

Built on Gowling WLG's extensive precedents database and overseen by an experienced team of legal professionals, Smart Raise enables issuers, agents and other market participants to raise capital on a greatly reduced timeline. By automating the repetitive tasks associated with document generation, Smart Raise ensures that our clients' legal spend is focused on substantive matters.

"As business practices become increasingly automated, our clients expect more efficiency and cost-certainty from their legal advisers," said Ian Palm, Gowling WLG partner and project co-lead. "Smart Raise is the latest example of our firm's drive to harness the power of automated systems, centralized templates and well-defined procedures to deliver better results for our clients."

Smart Raise can be used to complete a range of legal documents related to raising capital and private placements, including agency agreements, subscription agreements, warrant certificates, board resolutions, legal opinions and stock exchange reporting. Gowling WLG professionals review all draft documents to confirm accuracy and completeness. Here's how it works:

Smart Raise Youtube Video graphic

With cutting-edge approaches to legal service like Practical LPM and XClaim and an extensive roster of forthcoming products, Gowling WLG is dedicated to harnessing innovative tools and creative thinking to deliver more cost-certainty, efficiency and value to our clients.

Last year, the Financial Times ranked Gowling WLG as one of the top two most innovative law firms in Europe at its FT European Innovative Lawyers Awards. The firm was also shortlisted in the "Innovation in the Business of Law: Redesigning the Service Model" category at the FT Innovative Lawyers Awards North America. In 2015, Gowling WLG took home the OpenText Elite Award for Most Innovative Project in the Legal Sector.