Aman Guru

Aman Guru helps clients to manage their housing stock effectively and create a peaceful environment for people to live in.

Aman is a social housing litigation specialist, advising registered housing provider clients on all elements of their housing management function. He assists his clients in settling disputes that cause problems for their business and their community, using the law cost effectively to find practical solutions for issues that are often multi-faceted and involve vulnerable individuals.

Areas of specialism include anti-social behaviour, injunctions for breach of tenancy, committals, succession rights, demotions, cases for disrepair and general possession proceedings. He frequently advises on proceedings where there are mental health issues, human rights and discrimination as factors in play. Aman also regularly advises clients in a more general capacity on their housing management responsibilities, helping them to avoid problems that could arise in future.

Aman's experience on the "other side of the fence" working for a community law centre to defend vulnerable tenants means he brings clients a unique perspective, anticipating the most efficient route to resolution using his in-depth knowledge of a defendant's position.

"Housing law is something everyone can relate to – I have a house, you have a house, you know what it's like to have something go wrong or to live next to a tricky neighbour. I think that's why I've stuck with it; at some level it is always very personal.
"I started my career working on the other side of the fence, defending vulnerable tenants. Although some could say that I'm now "poacher turned gamekeeper," the joy of it is that I truly understand the defendant's (who is usually a tenant) position and can anticipate what their moves are. In litigation you are usually trying to find an efficient solution that will work well for your client, and often the speediest result is the one that works for everyone involved. Knowing what it's like to be in the other side's shoes can be a great benefit."


Most of the time with an anti-social behaviour injunction you can obtain a power of arrest, but prison is a very rare result. When working in-house I represented the local authority at committal hearing against a Defendant who has instructed Counsel. The hearing resulted in an immediate prison sentence. This was only the second time ever that a local authority had gotten this result, so it received plenty of media coverage and was certainly a memorable case for me.


Registered social housing providers.


Representing housing provider clients at hearings, including recently when a tenant sought to suspend a warrant of eviction.

Drafting proceedings for an injunction case against a vulnerable council house tenant and her family, who caused regular problems for other vulnerable tenants in the vicinity.

Seeking an injunction against a mother and son in a nuisance case where the individuals were causing a reoccurring issue for those living around them.

Assisting a social housing client to seek possession of a property where the tenant had died and their family were unable to inherit the tenancy.

Helping one of the country's largest registered providers of social housing with everyday housing management issues, from the installation of satellite TV dishes to flytipping on local gardens.

Advising a London authority on homelessness cases, including the associated reviews and appeals.

Career & Recognition

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  • 2016

    • Career
      Gowling WLG (UK) LLP, associate
  • 2015

    • Career
      Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co, associate
  • 2013

    • Career
      Reading Borough Council, solicitor
  • 2012

    • Career
      Wokingham Borough Council, trainee solicitor
  • 2009

    • Career
      Coventry Law Centre, housing caseworker
  • 2008

    • Education
      College of Law Birmingham, LPC
  • 2005

    • Education
      University of Sheffield, LLB (Law and Criminology)