Glen Deleavey, PhD Patent Agent

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Primary office:  Ottawa

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Glen Deleavey, PhD

Dr. Glen Deleavey is a patent agent in Gowling WLG's Intellectual Property Group, based in the firm's Ottawa office. With his broad scientific background, Glen provides technical consulting, patent drafting, and patent prosecution services in a wide variety of scientific disciplines. He is also a member of Gowling WLG's Life Sciences Group.

Glen has an extensive background in chemistry and biochemistry. He obtained his PhD from the Department of Chemistry at McGill University. His graduate studies focused on the development of chemically modified nucleic acids and nucleoside analogues as potential therapeutics. Prior to his graduate studies, he completed his honours B.Sc. in biology-chemistry at the University of New Brunswick.

Glen was the recipient of research fellowships and awards during his studies, including the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship.

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Career & Recognition

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  • 2013

    • Education
      Ph.D. Chemistry, Chemical Biology Option, McGill University
  • 2009

    • Rankings & Awards
      Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, 2009-2012
  • 2007

    • Education
      Honours B.Sc. Biology-Chemistry, University of New Brunswick
  • 2005

    • Rankings & Awards
      Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), various awards & fellowships, 2005-2009
    • Rankings & Awards
      Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), various awards & fellowships, 2005-2009
    • Rankings & Awards
      Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, 2009-2012

Articles published in refereed journals

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 Patent applications

  • Petrecca, K., Damha, M. J., Deleavey, G. F. (2011) Method for Reducing Expression of Downregulated in Renal Cell Carcinoma in Malignant Gliomas. WO2011143762.
  • Damha, M. J., Watts, J. K., Deleavey, G. F. (2009) Oligonucleotide Duplexes Comprising DNA-like and RNA-like Nucleotides and Uses Thereof. WO2009146556.
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* joint first authorship.