Nataliya Osipenko Patent Attorney

Speaks:  English, Russian, Ukrainian

Primary phone: +7 495 787 2070

Secondary phone: +7(985)112 8189

Fax: +7 495 787 2071


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Primary office:  Moscow

Nataliya Osipenko

Nataliya Osipenko is a patent attorney in Gowling WLG's Moscow office. Her practice is in patent prosecution in the fields of chemistry, chemical technology and engineering in Russia and the CIS countries.

Prior to joining the firm, Nataliya worked as an intellectual property specialist for Aeropribor Voshod Ltd, a Russian manufacturer of navigation instruments for military and civil avionics. Nataliya also worked as a patent engineer and a research scientist for the Belgorod Shukhov State Technological University where she was involved in scientific research and protection of University's R&D.

Nataliya holds a master of science degree in chemical technology and biotechnology from the Belgorod Shukhov State Technological University. She is also author of several publications on the subject of the technology to synthesize photocatalytic coatings, issued in Russian and international academic journals.

Nataliya practises in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Career & Recognition

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  • 2018

    • Education
      Eurasian patent attorney
    • Career
      Russian patent attorney
  • 2015

    • Career
      Intellectual Property Specialist for «Aeropribor Voshod Ltd». Speciality areas: Navigation devices for military and civil avionics production.
    • Career
      Patent Consultant for Gowling WLG Moscow
  • 2013

    • Career
      Patent engineer in Belgorod Shukhov State Technological University. Engaged in scientific research and University’s R&D protection.
  • 2012

    • Career
      Assistant to Vice-chancellor on research, Belgorod Shukhov State Technological University
    • Education
      Belgorod Shukhov State Technological University, M.Sc., Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
  • 2011

    • Career
      Research scientist, Belgorod Shukhov State Technological University. Engaged in research for the Russian Federal Education Agency
  • Nartsev V.M., Osipenko N.V., Zaytsev S.V., Vasilenko M.I., Goncharova E.N., Vashchilin V.S., Evtushenko E. I. Study of optical properties and assessment of the photocatalytic activity TiOx-coatings, synthesezed by the method of magnetron sputtering. Refractories &Technical  ceramics. – 2013, # 10, p. 3-8.
  • Mulevanov S.V., Nartsev V.M., Osipenko N.V. Improvement of determination method of glass batch homogeneity. Technique and Technology of Silicates. – 2013, #2, p.13-17.
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  • Nartsev V.M., Doroganov E. A., Zaytsev S.V., Osipenko N.V., Evtushenko E. I. The technique of definition of a complex of characteristics of transparent thin coverings. Refractories &Technical  ceramics.- 2011, #9, p. 31-36.