Competition Compliance


The risks of failing to comply with UK and EU competition law are real and significant. Companies may face fines of up to 10% of group worldwide turnover, as well as actions for damages brought by third parties suffering loss. Individuals breaching UK competition law may face criminal sanctions, unlimited fines, and director disqualification.

To help steer a clear path through what can at times feel like a legal maze, our EU and Competition team offers a complete compliance 'tool kit'. This has been designed to assist businesses of any size in creating and maintaining an overarching culture of compliance at all levels.

The team can tailor these tools to reflect the scale and activities of any given business, the markets and geographies in which it operates, and the particular risks it faces.


Interactive training sessions

Not the standard 'chalk and talk', the team's engaging sessions include worked case studies and Q&As, anecdotes and examples. These provide participants with the requisite knowledge to avoid the major competition law pitfalls.

Participants are also trained as to when to seek assistance on more subtle competition law issues that may arise in their day-to-day roles.

Straight & Narrow

A favourite among in-house counsel, this online global compliance training service reinforces a robust compliance message within organisations of any size and in any territory. Straight & Narrow enables businesses quickly and easily to identify apparent 'knowledge gaps' and training needs.

Mock dawn raids

In a simulated dawn raid scenario, would the policies and procedures of your business be robust? Client feedback confirms that these exercises bring to life the reality of an investigation, testing established systems and proving invaluable to instilling a clear understanding of the investigatory process, and a commitment to continued compliance.

At the end of the exercise, the team provides immediate feedback to participants in a de-brief session. This is then followed up with a full report to management, including practical recommendations as appropriate.