IT Litigation


We live in an exciting, ever-evolving technological and digital world. But, with increasing dependency on social media, cloud computing and the merging of the physical with the digital, businesses are constantly being exposed to new threats. Whether you are a supplier or a purchaser of IT systems, software and services our specialist IT litigation team have the knowledge and skills to help identify those threats and guide you through a commercial dispute if things go wrong.

How we help:

  • Cyber incident management and data protection
    • we can help you minimise and/or mitigate the effects of a cyber incident, identify the culprits responsible and deliver fast, effective solutions. Some of our work includes producing a Digital Risk Calculator which provides an insight into a company's digital risk across a range of industries.
  • Dispute avoidance
    • Prevention is always better than cure. Our team can offer robust, commercial advice on dispute avoidance. Identifying problems at the outset of a project helps to manage potential risks and ensure that expensive disputes don't arise in the first place;
  • Dispute management
    • When disputes can't be avoided, we will work with you to resolve them. From managing multimillion pound contractual disputes in relation to service or outsourcing agreements to advising in relation to allegations of professional negligence and dealing with software licensing disputes, our specialist team has the experience and skills to guide you through to the resolution of any IT dispute.

Client work

Our team has wide ranging experience and recent cases include:

  • Assisting a local authority with an early exit from a 15-year £300 million IT and business process outsourcing (BPO) contract, devising a strategy that enabled the client to avoid any liability for early termination charges;
  • Helping a global publishing house resolve, through arbitration, a complex dispute over the failed design, build and implementation of a new, highly automated distribution centre;
  • Settling, at mediation, a £50 million damages claim for a global IT services provider in a claim for alleged performance problems experienced in the bespoke CRM system developed by the client.
  • Helping a nationwide wholesaler to terminate its agreement with its provider of network services and transition the services to a new provider in order to maintain business critical service continuity;
  • Advising numerous public and private sector organisations in connection with under-licensing claims relating to their enterprise software.
  • Advising on a major high profile data breach of over 100,000 data subjects' personal data caused by a security breach in a hosted on line retail site.

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