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The international tax landscape is changing at a faster pace than ever before, which is why it's essential to seek help from seasoned tax advisers who know your industry.

By planning ahead and engaging the right team, you'll obtain efficient, tailored tax solutions that enable your business to grow and thrive.

At Gowling WLG, we communicate detailed, complex tax analysis in clear, straightforward language. Our professionals work with you to develop tax and business structures that are effective and customised to your unique needs.

For us, it's all about taking a pragmatic approach and making it easier for you to remain focused on your business.

We bring the advanced skills of experienced tax lawyers, accountants and economists to the table, and can advise you on a wide range of tax matters, including:

  • Mergers & acquisitions (M&A)
  • International transactions
  • Investment funds
  • Real estate
  • Private client services
  • Indirect tax
  • Tax dispute resolution
  • Transfer pricing

The broad coverage of Gowling WLG means you'll always have access to the right expertise from the right professionals with the right experience in your sector. We understand your tax requirements, and are on the ground with solutions to help you.

To learn more about how our tax team can assist you, please contact us.