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Government Investigations in Canada

Almost every day, the media reports on another government investigation into corruption, bribery or collusion. In Canada, and around the world, regulators and enforcement agencies are taking a hard stand against improper or unethical business practices.

To ensure compliance with complex laws, regulations and governance requirements - and to detect and prevent potential violations - businesses need the help of renowned legal problem-solvers and experienced investigators with national and international capabilities.

Our White Collar Defence & Investigations Group brings together multijurisdictional professionals with the right combination of experience and expertise to minimize corruption risk and successfully represent corporations and individuals facing serious criminal or regulatory investigations and prosecutions.

An experienced litigation team

With extensive experience defending corporations and individuals in significant white collar criminal and regulatory matters, our litigation expertise covers a full range of matters related to Canada's Corruption of Foreign Public Officials ActCompetition Act and Criminal Code, as well as security regulation. This expertise has been consistently recognized by Chambers Canada 2017-2020, with the group and its leader, Glen Jennings, ranked in the White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations category.

Effective bribery and corruption prevention

To ensure compliance and uncover potential risks, we're well-equipped to design and implement comprehensive compliance programs and review your existing policies, procedures and controls. We also advise on - and help establish - whistle-blowing venues and the entire underlying process regime to support this key governance tool.

Key crisis management and investigations strategies

Whether we're conducting an internal investigation, managing a crisis or facilitating an external investigation, we'll offer key insight on milestones, remedial actions and communications strategies to help keep you on track and out of the spotlight.

Business transactions - with no surprises

We can provide expert due diligence, negotiate effective deals and structure tailored agreements to ensure your transactions don't hold any post-closing corruption surprises.

Proactive training and education programs

Taking a proactive approach to ethics and anti-corruption, we design and deliver comprehensive training programs to directors, management teams, employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners.

In-depth governance, enterprise risk management and internal controls

To strengthen and protect the integrity of your business, our team conducts rigorous risk assessments and develops in-depth governance frameworks that start at the board level and cascade down through your organization.

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