XClaim™ - Portfolio Claims Management


Managing portfolios of claims can result in significant internal costs and administrative burdens for insurers and companies with large numbers of self-retained claims.

Gowling WLG has redefined the traditional lawyer-client relationship with XClaim™, an innovative portfolio claims management system that combines our market-leading mortgage recovery service practice with our records management and technological expertise.

The XClaim™ approach improves information flow by allowing clients to monitor the progress of their files electronically at any time, reduces clients' internal costs and provides greater external cost predictability through the use of innovative staffing and billing models.

Working together

The XClaim™ portfolio claims management system enhances the collaborative relationship between client and counsel, resulting in improved efficiencies in claims management, reduced resolution times and lower indemnity payments.

Understanding your claims portfolio

The unique XClaim™ extranet platform gives clients the opportunity to assess their entire claims portfolio. It provides sophisticated portfolio analytics, enabling the identification of trends, inefficiencies and opportunities within a portfolio of claims.

24/7 access to secure file information

XClaim™ gives clients direct, real-time access to all claims-related information so that they can monitor the progress of files remotely in a secure environment - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our approach to claims management extends beyond new technology to encompass flexible and value-based billing models that create incentives for efficiency, reduce costs and establish greater cost certainty.

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