Canada is poised to become a world leader in exporting clean technology by 2025

Within the next five years, the exporting of Canadian cleantech assets is expected to become a $20 billion annual industry.

Innovative, homegrown technologies involving solar energy, vertical farms, wind turbines, and other forms of technology are leading the next wave of clean technology in Canada. As these advancements continue to drive the industry forward, further innovation and investment in cleantech will require enhanced intellectual property protection.

That's why Cleantech small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) turn to Gowling WLG for IP protection at every stage of their business lifecycle – from research and development to growth and scale-up opportunities, expansion into new markets and resource maturity.

When it comes to increasing profitability and protecting your clean technology, experienced IP counsel can make all the difference.

Statistics Canada data has shown that cleantech small and medium enterprises with formal IP are 60 per cent more likely to be high-growth companies.

Step 1 - Research and Development, Step 2 - Growth and scale-up, Step 3 - Expansion into new markets, Step 4 - Resource maturity

Research and development

Patent applications related to clean technology, renewable energy, and sustainable development will likely be on the rise in the years ahead. Securing IP protection as early as possible is an important step for any cleantech SME. IP professionals at Gowling WLG help guide clients through identifying new innovations, as well as ensuring they have proper ownership and usage rights to those innovations. Further, IP professionals assist clients with protecting related intellectual rights (such as patent and design filings) and confidential information (such as confidentiality agreements and trade secret practices).

Growth and scale-up

Developing an innovation protection plan for your cleantech IP is crucial. At this stage, clients receive assistance from the Firm in compiling an intellectual property inventory, including regular invention "mining" sessions. Gowling WLG IP professionals also set about assessing the value of each IP asset, as well as protecting the confidentiality of those assets. Regarding the latter, the Firm assists with everything from determining confidentiality language to drafting third party non-disclosure agreements, securing sensitive information, and controlling visitor access to a physical workspace.

Expansion into new markets

When looking further afield, considering international IP is a must. At the beginning of this process, Gowling WLG IP professionals assess markets where IP protection is required (for example: markets where a product will be made or sold, as well as markets with potential inventor or licensee interest). IP professionals then file international Patent Cooperation Treaty applications as needed, and help determine whether to license IP to reliable third parties in new markets.

Resource maturity

Expanding your business with IP is an exciting process. Experienced IP professionals at Gowling WLG determine whether to manufacture/distribute with a partner, while ensuring the proper manufacturing agreements are in place to protect your IP. Our IP professionals can also assess competitor IP threats by conducting patent freedom to operate and validity reviews, as well as conduct related due diligence on potential M&A targets.

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