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The UK is in the middle of a housing crisis which continues to dominate the political agenda. Despite expanding supply being one of the five key themes of the Government's long-awaited Social Housing Green Paper published in August, in practice there is a notable absence of new government funding on offer. There is also no indication that the Government has any plans to wave a magic funding wand that will solve the current drastic shortage of affordable housing.

With homelessness on the rise and high demand for affordable housing across the country, housing associations and councils are under ever-increasing pressure to build more 'affordable' homes.

But there are a number of barriers in the way that could be relaxed to aid the development of UK property.

Gowling WLG has created a report which reveals some of the pressures that 50 UK housing associations face, the cuts they're likely to have to make and some of the key deterrents to building more affordable homes.

Our white paper addresses how ongoing planning and funding issues are limiting the ability of housing associations to maximise their development potential. The report also considers what changes lawmakers could make and offers suggestions on the processes that could be changed to help housing associations to meet their social missions by increasing housing supply.

Download our report and understand the current social housing climate, according to our surveyed housing associations, and get in touch with one of our sector specialists today.

Download our white paper and find out about the potential answers to some of the issues causing the UK's housing crisis

Discover why change needs to happen now in social housing.

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