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Where big businesses want to call home

During the past couple of years there has been an increase in the number of large global businesses making changes to their headquarters (HQ) - whether it's moving lock, stock and barrel to a new location or, in the case of Amazon, deciding to create a dual HQ structure. Since this, there have been numerous public examples of large global businesses contemplating their HQ strategy.

Corporate headquarters have long been synonymous with the stability and roots of a business - and yet these stories appeared to suggest that major multinationals are looking at their HQs in a different way. No longer are they fixed and rigid, but a living and breathing part of the business that can be radically altered to facilitate transformational growth.

While there is reams of data about the best places to do business, there was very little dedicated to the subject of corporate headquarters and, in particular, the notion that HQ location is becoming increasingly agile. We wanted to provide useful insight on this significant and emerging trend.

Image showing the most popular countries are relocating their HQ's.

What did we do?

We spoke in detail to 650 board level executives at large businesses across 13 countries to find out:

  • How satisfied they are with their current HQ location;
  • The key drivers behind an HQ relocation, and
  • Their appetite to relocate and preferences on alternative locations.

The findings from this research are detailed in our new report, HQ Sweet Spot: Where Big Businesses Want to Call Home, which is now available to download.

This report looks at the key challenges facing businesses, from battling increasing costs to attracting the right talent, and why they are making a HQ move.

If you would like to discuss the findings in this report or speak to someone about your own HQ move, please contact Felicity Lindsay in our real estate team.

Download our report and find out where big businesses want to call home

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