What is a smart city?

Smart Cities: Rethinking Urban Mobility

Paving the Way Autonomous Vehicles White Paper

'Rethinking Urban Mobility: Three questions that will shape the future of transport in cities' explores some of the challenges raised by the impact of digital and other new technologies on mobility within our urban areas.

In an age of uncertainty, we must acknowledge that disruptive change brings with it many challenges but also that it affords great opportunity for the future of infrastructure in cities.

Now is the time to consider the change that is occurring and understand the problems we are trying to solve. We must think about how to shape urban mobility systems today, as what we do now will impact our cities for decades and centuries to come.

Produced in collaboration with the London Transport Museum, Arup and Thales UK, 'Rethinking Urban Mobility' brought together more than 60 leading thinkers and decision makers from across the transport industry to consider the challenges and opportunities facing city transport systems and infrastructure in the UK.

The topics addressed include changing transport user demands, autonomous and intelligent technology and strategic policies needed to achieve change.

In the report we consider:

  • What role cities should play in shaping change?
  • How will demand-responsive transport impact urban systems?
  • Do the economic fundamentals of urban transport systems still add up?; and
  • Recommendations for future cities.

Elaborated in full within the report, we focus on public-private collaboration; enabling bold local decision-making; seamless journeys and new technology; meeting lower carbon emission targets; ensuring affordable public transport; and contributing to health and wellbeing.

We hope you find 'Rethinking Urban Mobility' a thought-provoking and stimulating read. If you would like to speak to anyone from Gowling WLG regarding the report, or for more on the future of urban infrastructure, please contact Giles Clifford and Matt Hervey.

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