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The Tech sector continues to grow at a rapid rate, disrupting business and business behaviour, whilst creating evolving needs and opportunities.

Whether you're a start-up, an established tech company or publicly listed, our 250-strong global Tech team will work with you to capitalise on your opportunities and deal with the challenges you face, whether that involves intellectual property, corporate and commercial, regulation or litigation.

We work with some of the biggest tech innovators to develop agile business strategies, enforce and monetise IP, invest, acquire and divest of corporate interests. We can help you achieve your commercial objectives in a constantly changing and increasingly competitive landscape.

With global expertise spanning the Tech marketplace, and offices in the UK, Germany, France, Singapore, China and Dubai, our specialists will provide you with trusted advice and partnering in our key areas:


Our Telecoms team supports the entire ecosystem of the telecoms markets from network and infrastructure providers, product manufacturers, carriers. The team has specialist experience in complex outsourcing, commercial and real estate projects, mobile infrastructure and transmission projects and major multi-jurisdictional telco patent litigation in the standards essential arena as well as more broadly covering all iterations of wireless tech, DSL and WiFi.

Cyber security and data privacy

With the ability to provide a global perspective through our international network, our cyber security and data privacy team can provide specialist, rapid-response legal support to mitigate the risks both before and after a cyber-attack. The team can help businesses engage with authorities, deal with the regulator, manage the adverse business impact and trace the perpetrator. Plus, as the enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) creeps closer, our team can offer advice on compliance within the changing legislative landscape.

Fintech - Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

As the UK becomes Europe's fastest growing region for Fintech investment, our team is well positioned to help clients overcome challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. Heavily involved in the rapidly-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, the team is working on the first 'gold-standard' initial coin offering in the UK. Our lawyers are expertly qualified to advise clients on a broad range of legal issues related to blockchain technology, including digital wallets, capital markets transactions, investment fund formation, business operations, tax, consumer protection compliance and banking law.

Cloud/data centres

Our dedicated cross-sector Cloud and Data Centres team has been writing the law along with the data centre owners, developers and operators since the industry's inception. As one of the only legal teams in Europe dedicated to this sector, we help the owners and operators of data centres, their funders and the enterprises which use them to navigate issues including; site acquisition and construction fit out, contract negotiation, IP/IT/energy procurement and outsourcing and data protection.

Digital Health

Our Digital Health team helps clients make the most of new markets and opportunities in healthcare; maximising their commercial position and enabling them to navigate a clear path through a developing regulatory landscape. Understanding the convergence of the digital, healthcare, life sciences, telecoms and tech sectors, the team specialises in areas including data protection, antitrust, merger control and healthcare contracting, as well as international healthcare guidance on applying UK best practice to global markets and projects.

As well as these key areas of expertise, we also have sub-sector specialisms. We use this sector immersion to help you make informed decisions and support you through your lifecycle.

These specialisms include:

Autotech - Autonomous Vehicles

The intersection of technology and automotive is at the heart of our sector priorities. Our Autotech team works with global brands in the sector, playing a significant role in the development of electric vehicles by working with lithium-ion battery suppliers. We are the only law firm playing a significant role in the £19m UK Autodrive programme, contributing to the thinking on societal and legal issues around the development of connected and autonomous vehicles by developing a series of white papers.


Proptech is changing the landscape of Real Estate on a daily basis - from movement tracking on customers' mobile phones in shopping centres to gain knowledge of shoppers habits, to intelligent ambient cooling and heating systems in offices. Our knowledge and experience allows us to ensure that clients are briefed on new opportunities and able to futureproof their developments.

Energytech and Miningtech

With industry-leading expertise, our Energytech and Miningtech teams can support clients to embrace emerging technologies that are changing the way the energy industry and miners operate all over the world. Our credentials within both the energy and mining spaces complement one another and, through regular participation at industry events and panel conferences, we can share a global network of expertise in the industry.

Supporting start-ups and early stage tech businesses

Our commitment to the sector starts at the grass roots level which is why we've developed JUMPSTART - our specifically designed support for tech start-ups and early stage tech businesses.

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