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Family Governance & Business Succession Planning

We understand the natural tendency for wealth to be dissipated after three generations unless a structure and a process are put in place to preserve it. Ultra high net worth families cannot expect to create a dynasty simply by setting up a trust.

Families with concerns about wealth dissipation need the same disciplines and formalities as are required for corporate structures. These form what has become known as family governance. A dynastic structure must display best practice in both family and corporate governance to ensure the continued good reputation of the family and the success of the business.

Dynastic structuring is also of interest to publicly traded and/or rated companies where one family holds a significant percentage of its issued share capital, which if unstable, can depress the market value of the company's shares, as well as adversely affect its credit rating.

We have presented a dynastic structure to a rating agency, which resulted in an improved rating for the family business due to the incorporation of proper family and corporate governance procedures.

We are a leader in the field of family governance and dynastic planning. We understand the important cultural issues in the jurisdictions in which we work and have a depth and breadth of experience which enables us to recognise and avoid situations where family conflict can lead to wealth dissipation.

We deal with international families and institutions, particularly in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, Switzerland, Russia and Europe, as well as the offshore world. Our structures represent the most sophisticated and bespoke wealth solutions available and employ the most up to date legal and commercial thinking.

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