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ThinkHouse - Our in-house lawyer community

From managing risk and staying on top of regulatory developments, to adding value through expert legal and commercial advice, the in-house lawyer faces many challenges. Access to like-minded people, training and resources can make a huge difference and offer a valuable network of support.

That's why we set up ThinkHouse - a range of seminars and resources, tailored exclusively to help in-house lawyers in their day-to-day roles. And since its launch more than a decade ago, we've added ThinkHouse Foundations (for in-house lawyers starting out in their careers), a public sector-focused ThinkHouse event, a regular IT Master Class and TUPE Club.

Our experience of advising companies of all sizes and sectors - including many FTSE 100 and 250 businesses, Fortune 500 corporations, financial institutions and public bodies - means we have a wealth of knowledge and insight to share. Many of our lawyers have also held in-house roles or worked on client secondments, so understand the demands on in-house legal teams.

Please read on to learn more or contact Jacqui Lovell.

Your ThinkHouse

If you are a head of legal or senior in-house lawyer, looking to broaden your network and gain access to timely, topical and practical legal advice, then ThinkHouse is for you.

Based on topics chosen by the ThinkHouse community, they are designed to support you in dealing with the issues that are increasingly coming across your desks.

Action-orientated and to the point, these sessions provide not just a summary of the law from our experts but a clear point of view and practical advice. How might an issue affect your business? What are the priorities and action points to consider? How might you advise the Board? Are there potential pitfalls to be avoided? Our lawyers offer a broader perspective.

In joining ThinkHouse you will be invited to two main events each year. They are a great way to access relevant news and information, as well as meet and exchange ideas with your peers. We also often run workshops and other events in-between these sessions, allowing for more in-depth discussion on specific areas of interest.


Videos, alerts, annual CPD reports, checklists, workshops, webinars, podcasts, networking sessions and client panels.

ThinkHouse Foundations


For the in-house lawyer at the beginning of their career, ThinkHouse Foundations provides the benefits of our ThinkHouse training sessions but exclusively for paralegals, trainees and lawyers of up to three years' PQE. Aimed at 'Supporting your development' it provides valuable knowledge and guidance to you and your wider team.

Our events programme opens up opportunities to meet new contacts, stay in touch with colleagues and exchange ideas.

It is run separately to the main ThinkHouse community and is led by our own up-and-coming lawyers for up-and-coming lawyers. The focus here is on networking and training to grow individuals' skills, knowledge and network.

ThinkHouse for Public Service Commissioners and Providers


Since launching ThinkHouse, we have had growing interest from colleagues working in the public sector. Many have subscribed to our news and digital content but when it comes to events it is clear the subject matter needs to be treated in a public sector context.

ThinkHouse for Public Service Commissioners and Providers has now been running for two years and delivers a very specific set of events. Topical and practical as always, these sessions are tailored to cover the issues affecting legal teams working in or with the public sector.

Topics from the past year have included procurement, contacts and judicial review, the Cabinet Office Model Agreement, and effective contract management.

IT Master Class


Another spin out from our main ThinkHouse events is the IT Master Class series. Run bi-annually, these specialist events provide updates and insight from our specialist IT and technology, outsourcing and dispute resolution teams.

Whether you are keen to learn more about cloud computing, get up-to-speed on data protection law and cyber security, or refresh your knowledge of IT contract law, this forum will provide you with everything an in-house lawyer needs to know.


For anyone with an interest in TUPE, we have established our very own TUPE Club. As part of our TUPE Club LinkedIn network you'll receive the latest thoughts and developments on TUPE from our employment experts, as well as TUPE news from around the web.

One of the biggest benefits of this forum is the opportunity to swap views and comments with your fellow professionals through our digital channels or by attending our regular TUPE webinars.

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