Lifecycle of a smart idea: Patent strategy - Optimising life sciences patents

23 juin 2020

Once you decide to file a patent, you must determine what it will cover. Obviously, you need to protect your invention, but to reduce the risk of others designing around your patent, you need to ensure that your patent captures the entire inventive space and not just your specific activity.

To ensure your patent catches potential infringements in the future, you must plan carefully and pay close attention to patent drafting. How is the patent's scope defined? Does the level of protection differ across jurisdictions?

Watch our on-demand webinar to explore the scope of patent protection across jurisdictions and learn how to draft patents with an eye to the future. We will highlight key issues in patent scope that arise from the Doctrine of Equivalence. We will also discuss how the doctrine applies across jurisdictions and offer tips on how to use the doctrine to your advantage.

This is the third installment in our Lifecycle of a Smart Idea series, dedicated to helping you maximise opportunity and minimise risk when taking innovative ideas to the global market. If you have missed our other webinars or want to receive an invite to the next webinars, please register for an account.

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