Déborah Fournet Of Counsel

Parle :  Anglais, Français

Bureau principal :  Paris

Déborah Fournet

Déborah Fournet helps clients to assess risk, avoid potential disputes and resolve disputes when they arise with a minimum disruption to their business.

Based in the Paris office, Déborah advises and assists French and foreign companies, groups, on national and cross-border issues.

Admitted to the Paris and the New York bars, she practices in product liability, termination of business relations, industrial subcontracting, restrictive and prohibited competition and insolvency proceedings.

Déborah assists companies and groups with national and cross border issues in the automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical industries as well as in the services sectors such as mass-catering operations, aeronautics and press distribution.

Déborah helps French and foreign clients in preventing or resolving disputes in particular with the following issues:

  • Product liability claims with cross-border issues
  • Risk of business disruption in international subcontracting
  • Termination of business
  • Continuation of business in the frame of insolvency proceedings


  • Car equipment manufacturers/automotive suppliers and subcontractors
  • Engineering manufacturers
  • Press distributors
  • Mass-catering operators
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers