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Blockchain technology is dramatically transforming the way we do business.

From financial services to securities to corporate transactions, blockchain technology is changing the game in a major way. However, along with this innovative technology come highly complex laws and processes that require sophisticated legal and technical expertise, and an insider’s understanding of the ever-evolving regulatory space.

Enter Gowling WLG.

Our firm is home to one of the world’s leading blockchain legal practices. Our Blockchain & Smart Contracts Group comprises seasoned practitioners from all legal disciplines, including capital markets, financial services, tax, and intellectual property — making us expertly qualified to advise clients on a broad range of legal issues related to blockchain technology.

From initial coin offerings to consumer protection issues, our team can help you overcome the latest blockchain challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

Here, you’ll find Gowling WLG’s latest articles, seminars, presentations and media commentary on this cutting-edge topic.


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