World Law Group global guide on data security breach notification published

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25 November 2013


Our Data Protection team has played an instrumental role in creating the World Law Group's (WLG) latest report, 'Global Guide to Data Breach Notifications' and its companion website.

Data security breaches involving personal data are causing a major headache to businesses and public bodies around the globe. High-profile horror stories of hacked databases and other personal data security breaches continue to hit the headlines. The impact on organisations can far outstrip hefty fines and can involve significant costs of containing and handling a breach, as well as substantial risk of reputational damage.

Many in-house lawyers and privacy professionals dread getting that call informing them something has gone horribly wrong and ending in the question, 'do we need to notify'? Dealing with an incident in one country is bad enough but if it involves multiple jurisdictions, a patchwork of mismatched laws around the world on security breach notification can be a legal minefield.

The new Global Guide to Data Breach Notifications aims to distil the experience of privacy and data protection lawyers from WLG member firms into a single point of reference to help organisations plan their response to a data security breach. The report outlines the variations in data security breach notification laws in 43 countries.

The WLG is a network of 53 leading independent law firms with more than 325 offices in major commercial centres worldwide. It offers access to more than 16,000 lawyers in 60 countries from 315 offices in major business centres around the world. Corporate partner Stuart Young was appointed to the board of WLG in 2011.

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