Cuba's current trade climate offers international companies a unique opportunity to strategically position themselves in an emerging economy. At Gowling WLG, we want to help you take full advantage of the trade and investment prospects available in this growing market.

Our firm is pleased to offer extensive strategic advisory services in Cuba, with a focus on helping you identify viable commercial opportunities across a range of sectors, including energy, infrastructure, real estate, tourism and telecommunications. While we don't practice Cuban law, you'll benefit from the collective experience of lawyers and other professionals with in-depth business and transactional experience in Cuba and throughout Latin America. 

Our global Cuba team is based in offices across Canada, the U.K., Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and includes Spanish-speaking lawyers with broad civil law knowledge. These practitioners have a strong track record of working with Cuban local counsel, monitoring and co-ordinating projects and work product in Cuba, and overseeing the integration of this work with Canadian, English and other international legal considerations and standards.

In Cuba, our network is far-reaching: we can connect you with all levels of Cuban government, and introduce you to key members of the Cuban business private sector. We also maintain close relationships with numerous Cuban law firms, and are able to make the necessary arrangements to facilitate the seamless delivery of legal services.

Gowling WLG's strategic advisory services to international clients in Cuba include the following:

  • Identifying and exploring investment and trade opportunities
  • Managing projects and files in a venture's establishment phase, including working with Cuban counsel and government representatives
  • Delivering general strategic advice on the viability of business proposals based on our extensive knowledge of the Cuban political and economic context
  • Offering general business advice on Cuban investment and import/export processes
  • Sourcing/facilitating Spanish-English translations and simultaneous translation
  • Arranging introductions to local service advisers and parties
  • Setting up strategic meetings with Cuban partners and government officials

We also deliver international trade and regulatory advice, legal transactional counsel, and support in project management and development, among other areas. Working together with our colleagues in the firm's Latin America group, as well as a host of relevant sector and service areas, we're able to assist you with any matters or transactions you may wish to conduct in Cuba.

Through our Cuba legal and strategic advisory team, Gowling WLG can help you succeed in Cuba's emerging market. To learn more, please contact France Tenaille.

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