Smart Raise™ - Streamlined Private Placements


When it comes to raising capital, you need a law firm that applies an efficient, cost-effective approach that's in line with all regulatory requirements.

By automating private placements through our Smart Raise™ platform, Gowling WLG is enabling issuers, agents and other market participants to generate and deliver legal documents to investors quickly and with confidence.

With Smart Raise™, you'll receive exceptional value, seamless service and reliable results - delivered in much less time than a traditional private placement.

Our specialized software applies an innovative, automated process to generate high-quality legal documents, and cuts out many of the mundane, repetitive tasks typically associated with raising capital.

Built on Gowling WLG's extensive precedents database and overseen by an experienced team of legal professionals, Smart Raise produces all of the legal documents associated with private placements quickly and accurately - while meeting compliance requirements across Canada.

Why choose Gowling WLG and Smart Raise for your private placement?

  • Access to quality work done faster: Your timeline could be reduced from weeks to just a few days.
  • Peace of mind: You can rest easy knowing that the legal documents produced by Smart Raise are reliable and compliant with all securities regulatory requirements across the country.
  • Cost-effective service: Your legal team will remain focused on substantive matters, as opposed to the repetitive tasks that can be handled by Smart Raise.

How Smart Raise works

Smart Raise, our automated private placements document generation and management system, is rooted in an efficient, three-step process:

  1. Input: Gowling WLG inputs the key data points from your negotiated term sheet.
  2. Document generation: Drawing on our library of precedents, Smart Raise generates draft legal documents.
  3. Review: Our professionals review the draft documents to confirm accuracy and completeness.

What can it be used for?

Smart Raise can be used to complete a wide range of legal documents related to raising capital and private placements, including:

  • Agency agreements
  • Subscription agreements
  • Warrant certificates
  • Board resolutions
  • Legal opinions
  • Exchange reporting

Why Gowling WLG?

A passion for innovation

We're proud of our strong reputation as an innovator in the legal field. This reputation has been developed over many years of working closely with our clients to implement a number of tools that deliver enhanced value and increased efficiency. By using automated systems, centralized templates and well-defined procedures, we're able to offer you greater cost control, predictability and savings.

Smart Raise is one of our most recent innovations, built on our in-depth experience and commitment to listening closely to our clients and anticipating their distinct needs.

Through tools such as Practical LPM, our groundbreaking approach to legal project management, Go.Plead, our extensive legal research and precedents database, Virtual In-House Counsel, Smart Raise and many more, Gowling WLG is reshaping the legal industry.

One of Canada's busiest business law firms

Gowling WLG's business law practice is one of the busiest in Canada. We're consistently identified as a leader among Canadian law firms for our capital markets activity. Given this unparalleled experience, you can trust us to handle your matter expertly - and, most importantly, close the deal.

Want to learn more?

To learn more about how Smart Raise can help you raise capital quickly and cost effectively, contact one of our firm-wide leaders:

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