Meet our digital information and legal systematics team


What the team does

The Digital Information and Legal Systematics team (DILST) plans and develops the knowledge and information resources strategy for the firm with a focus on innovation and digital approaches. It's actually made up of two teams: our Strategic Development team and our Information & Library Services (ILS) team.

The Strategic Development team is focused on market awareness, the requirements of our legal teams and moving our digital strategy to the next stage. We lead focus groups across our firm, so that our legal and business services teams can adopt the most innovative strategies. In the Legal Week Awards, we were highly commended for our innovation in knowledge management.

Our ILS team is responsible for our research strategy. It makes sure our people have access to cost effective, cutting edge legal and business research resources and tools, to help them support clients in the best possible way. As part of this, we manage one-stop Knowledge Centre portals for legal practice and sector teams, giving them easy access to the right information and research materials.

DILST's work underpins much of the advice our people give to our clients. It contributes to how our business and client relationship teams enhance our client base. In short, it's key to delivering great legal services, and is vital to our business.

What it's like to work with us

DILST is relatively small, with ten members across the two teams. There's a certain amount of pressure – team members often need to respond quickly and meet tight deadlines. And the work is often intellectually challenging. However, it's also very fulfilling and motivating.

Since the information industry is constantly developing, there's always something fresh to investigate. And there's scope for team members to enhance their professional skills and knowledge. For instance, some complete the well-respected BIALL Legal Foundations course or attend the annual BIALL study conference, alongside regular in-house training sessions.

DILST colleagues are very supportive and enjoy a great knowledge-sharing culture. Team members also play a big part in the monthly careers fair for new starters, promoting the role of the DILST team.

A rewarding career

We ask our team members to be dynamic, ambitious and agile in their thinking and behaviour – which isn't always easy. To recognise this, we give them the best rewards.

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