Training and development

Legal professionals


We understand that the better we perform as individuals, the more competitive we will be as a firm.

Your development will start on your very first day and will continue for however long you stay with us – and we will support your progress every step of the way. Formal and on-the-job training will keep your skills sharp and relevant, and you will build your experience on a day-to-day basis through fascinating and career-enhancing work.

This is not 'business as usual'. We're going through an exciting phase as a firm right now and need much more than just intellectual strength. Our lawyers grow and learn quickly through a combination of high quality formal learning, peer and leader support and real responsibility and accountability.

We're optimistic and excited about the future, and we're investing heavily in award-winning programmes to support your career progression from the time you qualify right through to when you become a partner.

We have a number of milestone development events to support your career progression