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How we stand out

University isn't for everyone. Apprenticeships are a great alternative option for school and college leavers. Below we set out what makes our apprenticeships different.

A wide range of industries provides access via an apprenticeship. The legal services sector is one of them. As a legal firm, we offer legal and business services apprenticeships. See the links below to find out what they entail.

You'll notice that our firm stands out as a leading international legal practice, and our apprenticeship programmes are tailored to us. Plus, we offer a competitive salary and benefits package.

I realised that the apprenticeship would not limit my ability to progress further in my career if I wanted to; instead, it would give me the right platform to progress, which is exactly what I wanted.

Katy Love, Apprentice

Legal programme

During our two-year Paralegal Trailblazer programme you become a trained legal professional who works as part of a team for household names. Discover how you'll be working with the biggest and best in the business.
The Law Apprenticeships Guide 2018

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Business services programme

Our business services apprenticeships are tailored to the specific business services team they sit in. What they all have in common is you'll become a business professional. You'll learn skills in a hands-on environment, making you an employee employers value.

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Our partners

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Bridge the gap

Our apprenticeships bridge the gap between education and the world of work. They also provide opportunities to develop skills.

In our firm apprentices are picking up on-the-job expertise and experience, with advice and guidance from their colleagues. They also benefit from having a supervisor to help them complete their exams and gain recognised qualifications.

What are the main attractions?

One of the main attractions is you can earn while you learn. The apprenticeship salary levels should be viewed as something between an academic course and full-time work – rather than paying thousands of pounds for a degree or incurring a substantial student debt, an apprentice is paid to learn new skills.

For many, however, the biggest draw of an apprenticeship is to get a foot in the door. The work experience, responsibility and qualification enhance their CV and show their abilities and experience.

And last but not least, an apprentice finds out whether a chosen path is right for what they expect of life and their career. Even if they decide it's not, what they've picked up on the way won't be lost – many of the skills they learn here are transferable.

Not an easy option

It's a myth that an apprenticeship is an easy option. That's certainly not the case with us.

The training is demanding and the work is challenging. But, as you can read on the other pages in this section, we make sure our apprentices are well supported.

We also offer a host of additional opportunities, including a permanent position and a further apprenticeship leading to becoming a chartered legal executive or qualified solicitor.

All in all, our apprenticeships pave the way to a challenging and rewarding career.

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