Health Canada amends labelling requirements for certain homeopathic remedies

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30 September 2015

Health Canada announced July 31 that it would be changing the labelling requirements for certain homeopathic remedies, and would no longer be permitting certain previously allowed claims.

Nosodes, homeopathic preparations intended to prevent particular diseases, are now required to bear a contra-indication statement specifically indicating that the product is not a vaccine, and is not an alternative to vaccination. Further, nosode labels must state that the product has not been proven to prevent infection, and that Health Canada does recommend its use in children.

In addition, Health Canada has indicated that it will no longer permit direct or indirect claims that homeopathic remedies may relieve cold, cough, or flu symptoms on products that are indicated for use by children 12 years old or younger unless the claim is supported by scientific evidence. This is a major change in the evidence requirement for this class of homeopathic product, other homeopathic remedies can make a specific use claim if it is supported by published homeopathic references.

Licence holders have been asked to comply with the labeling change for nosodes by January 2016, while the changes for children’s cough, cold, and flu remedies must be implemented by July 2016.

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