22 April 2016

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The below article is outdated and does not reflect new developments since its publication. You will find up-to-date information about the Unified Patent Court and the Unitary Patent at gowlingwlg.com/upc

Gowling WLG has been following developments with the Unified Patent Court (UPC) for a number of years. Some useful materials are set out below.

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Commentary from Gowling WLG

Die Wahrheit, die ganze Wahrheit und nichts als die Wahrheit

Die Zeit läuft

The unitary patent for non-litigators - Michael Carter, Nick Cunningham, Luke Kempton and Nick Smee

UPC scenario 3: a standards case from the defendant's perspective - Michael Carter, Nick Cunningham and David Barron.

For further information on the UPC or advice and guidance as to how to prepare for it coming into force in 2017, please speak to Nick Cunningham, Michael Carter or another member of our patent team.

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