Condo Adviser digest: April 2017

06 April 2017

Condominium stakeholders face a range of unique challenges in maintaining a community while operating a business in a highly regulated industry. Gowling WLG has in-depth expertise in condo law, and maintains the Condo Adviser blog to keep clients up to date on the latest developments in this rapidly expanding area.

Below is a digest of Condo Adviser’s latest — and most popular — posts from the first few months of 2017:

New mandatory training for condo directors

As part of its revamping of the Condominium Act, Ontario is imposing various additional obligations onto condo corporations, managers and directors. Last month, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services circulated a new set of draft regulations which further detail some of these new obligations. It In this post, we discuss what we knew about the new mandatory training for directors. Read this post >>

Complaints and disciplinary procedures against condo managers under the new Condominium Management Services Act

Under the new Condominium Management Services Act, Ontario has introduced new measures to licence and regulate condo managers. Who can lodge a formal complaint against a condo manager — and how will complaints and disciplinary procedures be handled under this new legislation? Read this post >>

Why a special owners meeting requisition can lead to a defamation case

When condo owners are dissatisfied with the board or its decisions, the ultimate recourse is to requisition an owners meeting to remove the directors. This process can often lead to various groups campaigning the owners to support their position. A recent unreported case reminds us why it’s important to exercise caution in the context of this democratic exercise in order to avoid facing a defamation suit. Read this post >>

What can condo corporations do when owners display signs of mental incapacity?

Two recent cases demonstrate instances where the courts have had to make the difficult decision of whether to order a condo owner to have their mental capacity assessed. Interestingly, these cases led to surprisingly different results. Read this post >>

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