UAE Government announces further fee reductions for UAE Trademark matters

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05 April 2020


In welcome news for trademark rights owners in the current difficult trading climate, the UAE's Ministry of Economy has announced further reductions in trademark related fees in the UAE. This follows the significant reductions made in mid-2019 when amongst other reductions, trademark registration fees were reduced by USD 900.

The fee reductions announced on 5 April 2020, which apply to payments falling on or after that date and which are not being applied retroactively, include:

Action Previous official fees New fees
Searching a trademark (per mark per class) AED 500 [USD 140] AED 350 [USD 100]
Obtaining a certified copy of a trademark filing/registration AED 200 [USD 55] AED 150 [USD 42]
Filing a trademark application AED 1,000 [USD 275] AED 750 [USD 205]
Registration fees for a trademark application AED 6,700 [USD 1,830] AED 5,000 [USD 1,365]
Renewing a trademark registration (without publication) AED 6,700 [USD 1,830] AED 5,000 [USD 1,365]
Trademark opposition fees AED 10,000 [USD 2,725] AED 7,500 [USD 2,050]
Trademark opposition hearing fees AED 500 [USD 140] AED 350 [USD 100]
Fees for a trademark appeal to the Trademarks Committee AED 10,000 [USD 2,725] AED 7,500 [USD 2,050]

These reductions will be welcomed by intellectual property rights holders. With the increasing economic challenges posed by Covid-19 restrictions, the reductions will allow rights holders to continue protecting their trademark rights in the UAE. Times of economic crisis can see an increase in infringements and counterfeit activities, as third parties look to take advantage of consumers looking for lower cost options or bargains, or where there is a shortage of legitimate products.

Rights holders will be able to continue protecting their IP rights in order to help take steps to stop such infringing activities. This, in turn, will help to safeguard consumers during this challenging time.

The announcement again shows the swift and significant steps that the UAE Government is taking to help businesses during this crisis (Suhail Mirza provides an update on UAE Labour Law). It is one of a number of measures we continue to see being issued by the Government on a daily basis.

Closing remarks

The COVID-19 outbreak is rapidly evolving day-by-day and it is likely to continue to do so for a protracted timeframe. The issues discussed in this briefing therefore reflect what we consider to be key legal issues for businesses and organisations in the Middle East and those operating with businesses in the region and worldwide. If any of these issues apply to you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for a discussion on how we can help you to resolve them and keep your business or organisation running smoothly.

Co-authored by Rachel Armstrong.

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