British Columbia takes action on plastic waste

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19 July 2023

On July 14, 2023, the Province of British Columbia published the Single-Use and Plastic Waste Prevention Regulation,[1] which will come into effect on December 20, 2023. This regulation will lead to the phasing-out of oxo-degradable plastic packaging and products,[2] shopping bags,[3] and food service ware and accessories in British Columbia.[4]

The publication of this regulation ends a multi-year consultation process pursuant to the CleanBC Action Plan, which launched in 2019.[5]

Business operators[6] and food service providers[7] can expect significant changes when this regulation comes into effect in December, including:

  • A prohibition on the sale or distribution of packaging or single-use products that are composed of oxo-degradable plastics.[8]
  • A prohibition on the sale or distribution of plastic shopping bags, unless the business owner charges a fee and the bags are made of recycled paper or are reusable.[9]
  • A prohibition on single-use plastic utensils.[10]
  • A restriction on the sale or distribution of food or beverages in food service ware composed of certain prohibited plastics, including biodegradable and compostable plastics.[11]
  • A restriction on the sale or distribution of single-use food service accessories by food service providers.[12]
  • Recordkeeping requirements regarding:
    • The sale of recycled paper and reusable bags by large business operators.[13]
    • The provision of food service accessories by food delivery platform operators.[14]

These measures are subject to very limited exemptions. They follow many recent BC municipal bylaws targeting single use plastics and are intended to complement recent federal measures on single-use items, to promote reusable alternatives, and to eliminate the use of some items.

The environmental law team at Gowling WLG has assisted many companies in meeting their recycling obligations across Canada. If you have questions about your company's obligations regarding the upcoming changes to single-use plastic laws in the Province of British Columbia, or other questions about your recycling obligations, we encourage you to contact any member of our team.


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[2] "Oxo-degradable plastic" is defined in s. 2 as "a plastic that contains an additive that, through oxidation, leads to chemical decomposition or to the fragmentation of the plastic material into microfragments."

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[4] s. 9: "Food service accessory" includes a beverage cup lid and sleeve, condiment, drinking straw, garnish, napkin, utensil, and wet wipe; "Food service ware" includes a bowl, box or carton, cup, hinged or lidded container, plate, platter, tray, and film wrap.

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