The UK's National Security and Investment Act – key issues for in-house teams - ThinkHouse

61 minute read
31 January 2022

The UK's National Security and Investment Act (the "NSI Act") entered into full force on 4 January 2022. With the NSI Act receiving a lot of attention, in-house teams can expect to receive more questions about how it applies, and the risks arising from this:

  • "Will the NSI Act apply to the planned acquisition of Target X?"
  • "What if the transaction is structured to only acquire the Target's assets?"
  • "What if the acquisition is made by an overseas group company?"
  • "If the NSI Act applies, what does that mean for the deal timetable?"
  • "What would be the risk if we didn't notify?"
  • "Does the UK merger control regime apply at the same time?"

In this on-demand webinar Samuel Beighton discusses how best to navigate the new legal landscape of the NSI Act, considering its application, and exploring key issues for in-house teams to have in mind.

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