Condo Adviser Episode 39: When, why and how to change condo manager

73 minute read
15 September 2023

Gowling WLG Speakers:

A good condo manager is essential to the smooth operations of your condo. Through thick and thin, your manager is your most trusted ally and, in many cases, your first responder. For this reason, it is essential to build a trusting and respectful, long-term relationship with them. Still, sometimes, the "fit" is lost and management needs to be changed. This can be a daunting and very disruptive transition.

This on-demand webinar covers the following topics:

  • Considerations before changing management
  • Termination clauses in management contract
  • Timing of the transition properly
  • What to look for in new management
  • RFP process
  • Reviewing a new management contracts
  • Transition between old and new management
  • Turn over of documents
  • Starting things on the right foot


  • Rod Escayola (Gowling WLG)
  • Graeme MacPherson (Gowling WLG)
  • Murray Johnson (Crossbridge)
  • Shelley Seaby (Condo management group)
  • Leran Oirik (Condo Director)

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