Employment, Labour & Equalities Law Webinar Series | Fixed-term contracts – Perils and pitfalls

2 minute read
01 November 2023

Employers often mistakenly believe that they are better protected by choosing fixed-term (temporary) employment arrangements instead of indefinite (permanent) employment arrangements.

Is that ever true? What are the consequences of making the wrong choice?

In this sixth webinar in the firm's Employment Labour & Equalities Law series, we will explore the following topics:

  • When and why should you (not) choose a fixed-term (temporary) arrangement?
  • What are best practices for extending the term of employment?
  • What are best practices for pulling the plug early?
  • What are the risks?
  • When will you trigger statutory entitlements?
  • How can you (try to) protect the employer's contractual termination rights?
  • Will the fixed-term (temporary) employee ever have a duty to mitigate?
  • What are the costs of getting it wrong?

Our experienced Employment Labour & Equalities Law professionals will help you answer these questions and provide practical risk-reduction strategies, so you can make better choices.

This program is eligible for up to 1.5 hour(s) of substantive CPD credits with the LSO, the LSBC and the Barreau Du Québec.

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