Managing software and AI inventions as IP

Tech Transfer and Innovation in the GCC

51 minute read
04 April 2023

Although artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for some time, the rapid development and widespread application of AI technology over the last 10 years has resulted in a global AI 'patent boom'.

This increase in patent activity has brought about questions around the patentability of AI inventions as well as debate as to whether patenting is the most suitable intellectual property (IP) protection strategy.

In the fourth instalment of the 'Tech Transfer and Innovation in the GCC' webinar series, our speakers discuss:

  • R&D and IP trends for emerging tech (AI, blockchain, FinTech, NFTs etc.)
  • How to identify and evaluate software-implemented inventions (with a focus on AI)
  • IP protection considerations for AI-related inventions
  • Patenting considerations for software and AI-related inventions
  • Protecting your data assets
  • The challenges in commercialising software and AI-related inventions
  • Takeaways for IP managers

Summary of takeaways

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Sean Flanigan
Director of Technology Transfer, KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Fawaz Al Qahtani
Acting Director of Industry Development and Knowledge Transfer, Development and Innovation, HBKU, Qatar Foundation, Qatar

Vivien Wei Cheng
Patent Attorney, JurisAsia LLC, Singapore

Matt Hervey
Partner, Head of AI, Gowling WLG, UK

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