Diversonomics Season 3 | Episode 3 - True inclusion: Is treating everyone the same a help or a hindrance?

28 minute read
17 October 2018

What is true inclusion? We all have a general understanding of what it means to us, subjectively - but does treating people how we want to be treated actually equate to being inclusive? The answer may surprise you.

Take a listen as our co-hosts Roberto Aburto and Sarah Willis talk to Michael Bach, founder of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, about how law firms and other organizations can objectively work on creating a more inclusive work culture.

Episode tip

"In a law firm, you define success by making partner. Well, not everybody actually wants to make partner… That's hard for some people to believe, but […] there needs to be a reconsideration of what success looks like." - Michael Bach, founder and CEO, Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion

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This podcast will count for up to 26 minutes of Equality & Inclusion Professionalism (EDI) credit toward the mandatory CPD requirements of the Law Society of Ontario (subject to the overall limit of 6 hours per year for viewing archived video programs).

This organization has been approved as an Accredited Provider of Professionalism Content by the Law Society of Ontario. 

Episode hosts

Roberto Aburto

Roberto Aburto is a partner in Gowling WLG's Ottawa office, practising in municipal law and civil litigation, with a focus on real estate disputes, land use planning law and commercial litigation.

He is also an active member in the swimming and lifesaving community, serving on the board of directors for the Lifesaving Society (Ontario Branch) as the corporate secretary/legal adviser, and on the Lifesaving Society (National Branch) National Team Selection Committee for Lifesaving Sport.

He is also co-chair of Gowling WLG's Diversity and Inclusion Council and is committed to promoting these principles.

To learn more about Roberto, connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Sarah Willis

Sarah Willis is an associate in Gowling WLG's Ottawa office, practising in the areas of commercial and civil litigation, and medical defence law.

To learn more about Sarah, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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