Copyright Reform – A Global Challenge, with Made-in-Canada Solutions: In Conversation with Patrick Rogers, CEO of Music Canada

30 minute read
25 August 2021

Copyright in music and other cultural industries has often been associated with how creators are able to protect and monetize their work. In music, this was never more apparent and problematic than during the rise of file-sharing and streaming applications, and the shift to a digital economy.

But in this digital age, how are creators faring? Many artists and creators have argued that the current copyright framework is ill-adapted to the realities of the online world. How are copyright laws working to protect creators and ensure that they receive fair compensation?

In the latest podcast in our 'In Conversation with Gowling WLG' series, global IP partner Ryan Steeves speaks with Patrick Rogers, CEO of Music Canada, the trade association for Canada's major record labels: Sony Music Entertainment Canada, Universal Music Canada and Warner Music Canada.

In their discussion, Patrick and Ryan explore the music ecosystem and the significance of helping to protect intellectual property within Canada’s cultural industries. Patrick tells us about the importance of copyright in the global music industry, why copyright reform is so important to artists (and all creators), and what is being done in Canada and around the world to “rebalance the ledger” and restore fairness to creators. And after nearly a decade spent in federal politics, Patrick offers up his perspectives on effective advocacy, and how to work with governments to “move faster and fix things”.

Our 'In Conversation' series delves into the world of intellectual property, speaking with leading figures in industry. Throughout the series, we build a picture of how the IP world works, gathering insight into the latest trends and developments.

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