Multiplicity: Smart choices in disruptive times

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07 July 2019

Technological leaps are always going to create disruption. The period of innovation that we are currently experiencing now is no different. What is interesting about this era of change is each technology's potential to penetrate almost every industry and every aspect of our working lives. In doing so, big questions are raised for businesses. Intellectual property (IP) and disruptive technology will now need to be contemplated together and businesses must start to consider whether there is risk or reward waiting for them in the future.

Whether we like it or not, technology is creating noise. The likes of 3D printing, artificial intelligence (AI), connectivity/the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain are already being seen to disrupt markets and change the products and services that businesses are able provide. Yet the conversation surrounding IP needs to be making the same level of noise. IP is involved in technology at all levels and if ideas are the currency of the 21st century then the ability to protect them is what will give them that value.

Our report Multiplicity: Smart choices in disruptive times explores why it is important to protect IP rights and how businesses need to sit up and see that there are risks and opportunities brought forward by disruptive technology that need to be understood.

Surveying legal teams and the C-suite, we reveal a stark difference that could prove significant in markets affected by new tech. With insights from international experts including representatives from Potter Clarkson, Gill Jennings, Joseph Joseph, PwC, Lerner David, Cipher, Queen Mary University of London and City, University of London we look at the strategic measures businesses should be considering and how a lack of licensing could lead to litigation.

Download our report and find out:

  • Why it is important to protect intellectual property rights
  • What technologies are important
  • Strategies to consider to avoid risk and gain reward
  • How businesses can protect or license software and technology
  • Where technology should be protected in the global supply chain
  • Recommendations to navigate the IP landscape against fast-moving tech

Multiplicity: Smart choices in disruptive times

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